The greatest quality of a warrior is courage. At Nordic Wear, we believe that courage lies on the inside of us all. Our motto is; Built for the everyday warrior. We all have a warrior inside us pushing us to greater heights.

Nordic Wear was just an idea in 2018 and the dream finally came to fruition in 2020. The two years before the dream came true was marked by hard work, passion, and determination. Our founder, Leyton Robinson has always had a love for fashion and after working in the fitness industry for over 4 years, decided to combine the two; fashion and sports. By end of 2019, plans were underway for an official launch. However, with the global pandemic that hit 2020, all plans came to standstill. The Nordic team refused to give, and the brand finally launched in August 2020. We all believed in the dream. Each of us, without realizing it, became a warrior inside.

Nordic Wear is an activewear and lifestyle clothing brand tailored to make you look good and feel good when you’re on the move. The materials we use are breathable and comfortable so that you can be free to reach past your limits without your clothes bringing you down.

 Nordic vikings in history were known to be fierce. Their fame spread because of their bravery and skill in battle. The idea of the name Nordic Wear was inspired by these great warriors of ages gone.We wanted our wearers to feel unstoppable. To know that their fitness goals were achievable and that we would help them get there.

 Nordic Wear represents a community of achievers who will stop at nothing but the best. A community of people who dare to sweat it out and still look good while they’re at it. Our clothes are designed to be functional when you work out and can easily transition into leisure/ casual wear.